World's first folding lock with that sounds a 100dB alarm when tampered with. Offers good protection when there is a high risk of theft. Security level: 10 of 15 + Alarm.
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  • 5 mm thick rods, with an extra soft 2-component coating to protect against paint damage
  • The rods and the housing are made of specially hardened steel
  • Alarm function with at least 100 dB for 20 seconds, then automatically re-arming
  • 3D position detection - detects vibrations and the smallest movements in all three dimensions and triggers the alarm
  • Intelligent alarm - In the event of small and brief vibrations, e.g. B. by a soccer ball etc., the lock only emits a short warning tone
  • Acoustic signals indicate the battery and activity status
  • Connection of the bars with special rivets
  • ABUS Plus cylinder for high protection against manipulation, e.g. picking
  • Weight: 1420g
  • Lock type: Key