Hand made fork racks from the Ukraine, bought after the Russian invasion
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We found this custom rack and bike maker in the Ukraine recently, a guy called PETR VELIKANOV. Petr is a retired engineer from Dnipro and makes some great and unique products.

You can find Peter on Instagram @pitvel_velikanov

You can read an interview with Petr here: https://yellowcrank.com/2022/04/11/peter-velikanov-talent-passion-steel-and-a-collection-of-amazing-products/

After the Russian Invasion we thought as a gesture of support and solidarity we would purchase 20 sets of his hand made fork racks.

Price is per cage, for a pair select 2x. 


We aren't aiming to make any money off selling these, not even to cover our costs.  We already paid Petr up front (that's our donnation) and will donate 100% of what we get from selling them localy to Medicine Sans Frontier work in Ukraine. 


They are handmade out of steel, and fit on fork 3 pack mounts, or on say the sides of something like the Tubleweed T-rack. 


Note they arent perfect. The bolt holes dont always line up perfectly as they are hand made, so for some it take a little bit of jiggling to get them lined up. On a few of them there also appears to be some tiny scraps of welding material are inside the tubular steel legs, making a very small rattle. Given everthing thats going on in the Ukraine, we arent going to give Petr a hard time about the imperfections.