The Ride is the Destination.

The Riese & Muller Superdelite is an electric touring bike like no other. Whether you're a bikepacking fanatic who wants to cover greater distance or a city rider looking to tackle trails on the weekend the Superdelite offers all of this and more. 

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Performance redefined

The Motor is a Performance Line CX Generation 4 which is integrated into the bottom bracket of the bike, ensuring plenty of ground clearance and low centre of gravity. It provides up to 340% of pedal assistance accessed via 4 different modes of assistance ranging from 140-340%. A Mid-Drive E-Bike provides a more enjoyable riding experience compared to a hub motor which means you’ll feel like you’re riding a normal bike. 

Sensors in the motor report to the control unit the power, speed and cadence so that the motor can apply the best power curve to support your riding.

Dual Battery

Batteries to go the distance

Bosch lithium-ion batteries are available in 500Wh, 625Wh and 750Wh depending on your configuration. The Superdelite comes with Dual Batteries as standard, meaning you’re packing a whopping 1150Wh, you could potentially get over 200km range in the right scenario.

Dual Suspension

Control technology

Rear suspension on the Superdelite means you’ll have perfect traction on any terrain, even at high speeds. It will also help you feel more comfortable on rough road conditions. Pairing the rear suspension with powerful Magura hydraulic disc brakes means you’ll have no trouble navigating any situation you find yourself in.

Front Light

Light Technology

Seeing in low light and night time conditions is handled by the Supernova M99 Mini Pro headlamp. The rear Supernova M99 Tail Light features a brake light to keep you safe in high traffic areas.

Integrated Cockpit

Integrated Cockpit

Riese & Muller’s integrated cockpit design allows for cables to be neatly tucked through the stem and into the top of the head tube, for a sleek and modern look.