The Homage brings the City to your feet. What Could it mean for you?

The Homage goes under the radar and delivers huge features under its slick frame. With its belt drive only drivetrain, you’ll be assured of an efficient and easy to live with bike. A step through frame means this bike is extremely comfortable to get on and off. Rear suspension makes riding this Dual Battery bike a dream on rough roads in the city or on a rail trail. 

Geometry tweaks by Riese & Muller mean the Homage is a joy to ride, and with that rear shock and those wide Schwalbe tyres it's certainly a joy to ride.

This bike is equally suited for sealed bike paths and off-road rail trails, or from your front door to the shops. It will handle your commute as well as your weekend adventure, flattening all the hills and inspiring you to go further than you have before.

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Suspended Rear Carrier

Unique in its design, the suspended rear carrier that comes standard on the Homage will keep all your gear in one place while you tackle the roughest terrain.

Dual Battery Integration

You can upgrade the standard 625Wh battery to the DualBattery option of 1250Wh which will unlock the maximum range with fewer stops for charging. The DualBattery system is fully integrated into the frame which means it hardly affects the handling, leaving you to enjoy the sporty handling of the Homage.

E-Bike System

Bosch supplies one of the most reliable and performant E-bike packages available for the Homage with a Mid-Drive motor, 36V battery and on-board computer. Together their combined features make living with the Homage a breeze. 


The Motor is a Performance Line CX Generation 4 which is integrated into the bottom bracket of the bike, ensuring plenty of ground clearance and low centre of gravity. A Mid-Drive E-Bike provides a more enjoyable riding experience compared to a hub motor which means you’ll feel like you’re riding a normal bike. 

Because this bike is technically a Pedelec, it has no accelerator like a traditional motorcycle, instead the driving force is applied as you yourself turn the pedals, this helps to contribute to a smooth application of the available power and also means the harder you push on those pedals, the more power your motor will put out to help you. 

Sensors in the motor report to the control unit the power, speed and cadence so that the motor can apply the best power curve to support your riding.

However when you stop pedalling there is a minimal amount of friction due to Bosch’s consistent engineering improvements so you won’t be bogged down when you stop pedalling.

All Riese & Muller bikes come equipped with a walk assist function that enables riders to walk along with their bike at 6km/hr which is perfect if you have to push the loaded bike up a steep hill. 

Maximum speed of assistance in Australia is 25km/hr.

The Performance Line CX 4th Generation motor provides up to 340% of pedal assistance accessed via 4 different modes of assistance ranging from 140-340%.

Integrated Cockpit

The display on a Riese & Muller Bosch E-Bike are the control centre, enabling the rider to select between 4 pedal assist modes and many more depending on the model. 

Bosch Intuvia

The Intuvia Display gives the rider full control of their system as well as an overview at all times. Battery status, range, mileage totals, ride time, current motor power, time, speed and average speed are all displayed on an easy to see screen. 

Bosch Purion

A sleek design mounted on your handlebars next to your left hand gives you all the essential information on a small yet easy to read display. Change between assistance levels easily without removing your hand from the handlebars. This is an efficient, lightweight and trimmed down display.

Bosch Kiox Display

For performance driver riders, with optional pairing to a heart rate monitor via bluetooth. The display is scratch resistant and is easily read in sunlight. This model also features map-free navigation in conjunction with a smartphone.

Bosch Nyon

The Nyon is an on-board Computer for your E-Bike, ensuring you’re fully connected and equipped for your next adventure. With a colour display, touch screen and easy to use Maps.