Keep that new bike feeling and protect your paint from wear and tear ! Tape specifically deigned for offroad bikes and protecting paint from rubbing from bag straps etc.
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Taking a new bike offroad for the first time is an amazing feeling, but coming home to see chips or damage to the paint work is a pretty sad comedown.  

Similarly, strapping bikepacking bags and heading out for a day ride or overnighter is great, but any contact points with paint work will wear through really quickly.

Most off road trails around Sydney are on Sandstone and the fine grit tends to get under straps and wear through paint in a matter of hours. 

We always recommend frame protection tape and this is the simplest and best option we have found. 

This is the thicker 1.2mm version ideal for bikepacking bags etc. 1 Metre long times 54mm wide. 



Shelter Off-Road is a transparent shock and scratch resistant adhesive tape. It provides a reliable protection to the carbon-fiber or metal structures it’s applied to. “Off-Road” is perfect for heavier duty off-road riding.


  • Invisible frame protection, against scratches and impacts.
  • lightweight.
  • Easy to apply, strong adhesion also on curved surfaces.
  • Doesn’t turn yellow over time.
  • Ideal for protecting carbon or metal parts.
  • Visco-elastic behavior reduced vibrations.

Shelter Off-Road is the thickest Shelter, and it’s perfect for heavier duty off-road riding