The ultimate folding electric city bike, the Brompton Electric is finally here.
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Having proudly sold Bromptons for years and being fully in love with their small wheeled charm, we are beyond excited to launch the Brompton Electric. 

Ride up the steep hills of Sydney with ease, fold it and jump on the ferry, or put a pair of them in the boot of a car for a weekend away, its never been so easy to ride. 


A Brompton Electric fits the needs of the ultimate urban commuter and provides assistance when you need it. Ride up hills, into the wind, and fly between meetings with great ease - be sure to arrive fresh every time. All Brompton Electric bikes come with a detachable battery bag.

The Brompton E-bike M6L in Turkish Green and  black features an M-type handlebar, a good all-rounder that provides a comfortable, upright riding position, and it boasts a full range of 6 gears covering all riding needs. It also includes an extended seatpost and mudguards.

The Brompton Electric folds into a compact package so you can charge and store it safely inside your home or workplace. All of the electric bikes come with the standard battery bag (Essential bag), which has a 1.5L pocket to fit your essentials or your charger. Take your Brompton to the next level.

  • Weight (approx.): 18.31 kg total, including battery
  • Battery

    • Voltage: 36V
    • Capacity: 8.55Ah
    • Energy: 300Wh
    • Range: 20-45 miles (30-70km)
    • USB port: 5V 1.5A (to charge portable devices)
    • Integrated user interface: LED display
    • Aprox 4 hrs to charge with standard included charger, or 2 hrs with fast charger availible seperately.